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Monday, June 1, 2015

McDonald's Drive-Thru Photo Opps

I got in a slow line at the McDonald's drive through thru this week and fortunately had my camera next to me in the front seat. I'd noticed some interesting shapes in the back of this building on past visits and so I was happy to get in a slow line. The late-afternoon lighting was great and the saturation of the colors and the combinations of highlights and shadows and the very bold and graphic shapes were just great fun to explore. I shot about 20 frames in about four or five minutes. I had such a good time shooting that I know I'll have to go back. The food is pretty awful (the tea is great, oddly enough), but it's a visually exciting and colorful place to shoot--maybe they can attract more business by inviting photographers to shoot their buildings, lol. I shot all of these images with a Nikkor 18-70mm zoom lens; most of them were shot at a pretty wide-angle setting. I shoot in RAW 100-percent of the time, but did virtually no adjusting on these shots in post--what you see here are the frames exactly as shot. I didn't even crop them (I rarely crop). Also, I drive a van, so I'm up higher than you would be in a normal car, I think that helped a bit. You never know where you're going to find good photo opps, so keep your camera or your cellphone camera handy. Once the line started to move I had to stop shooting and I was pretty disappointed. Who knew I'd be hoping for a slow drive-up lane from now on?

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