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Monday, June 29, 2009

Follow this Blog

Believe it or not I've been posting to this blog almost daily for nearly eight months. While I've had to skip a week or a few days here and there to take care of writing and photo assignments, by the end of this week I will have posted more than 180 entries. Amazing.

I'm pleased that there are now almost 40 followers to the blog, as well. But according to Google I can grow that number just by asking more people to follow--so let's give it a try. If you occasionally view this blog but don't follow it on your Google home page, you can begin to follow just by clicking on the "Follow" link in the right margin. There is also a good help page on what following means and how you can choose between following publicly or privately.

The main reason that I want more followers isn't so that I can start a cult :) but so that I can see what types of readers are reading the blog, what information might be most useful to them and also so that I can follow their blogs. One of the things I like most about blogging and the Internet in general is just being able to read about other people's lifestyles and interests around the world. And I do read every single profile of my followers (you can find a link to my complete profile in the right margin), mostly just because I'm curious. When I teach online (I'm not currently teaching online but I may go back to it soon), I'm always really happy to see that I have students from all over the world. In once class I had students from something like 10 different countries!

So please, if you have a Google account, think about following this blog. And if you have friends that are interested in photography, show it to them.

About the photo: By the way, I shot the above photo at Lighthouse Park in East Haven, Connecticut with my Nikon D90. This is a beautiful park that is only about 20 minutes from home and yet I've only visited it a few times. The day that I was there I shot around 150 photos of the lighthouse from a variety of different angles over a period of about two or three hours. The park was so beautiful at sunset that I was kicking myself for not having shot there before. I'm thinking of using a half dozen different photos from the shoot in the update of my book The Joy of Digital Photography. All the shots were made the same day and each photo shows the lighthouse from radically different vantage points.

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