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Friday, October 9, 2009

Read My Interview with National Geographic Photographer Jim Richardson

Ever since I was a kid, my house has had shelves brimming with (and bending under the weight of) hundreds of bright yellow National Geographic magazines. And, in fact, I'm sure the wonderful photos they contained were largely responsible for my interest in photography. It was an honor then, as you might imagine, for me to be able to interview one of their most accomplished and published shooters, Jim Richardson, for my new book Winning Digital Photo Contests.

Today Black Star Rising, the blog of the legendary Black Star photojournalism agency, has published that interview on their blog. Jim (who has judged hundreds of contests himself) provides a really fascinating insight into how digital photo contests are judged (and won) and shares a great deal of his photographic philosophy. It was a great pleasure to talk with Jim and a real honor to have him be a part of the new book.

I think you'll find the interview an interesting and inspiring read and I hope you'll find a few minutes to read it and pass the link along to your photographer friends. And (hint, hint) you can order the new book using the link above or the Amazon ad to the right. (Did I say, "hint, hint" yet?) Take time also to visit Jim's site and you'll be amazed by the beauty of his work.

In the next day or two I'll post some thoughts on my recent afternoon of pumpkin-picking-photos. Orange you glad it's autumn? (Photo courtesy of Jim Richardson.)

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