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Thursday, March 25, 2010

Dandelion Power! Let's Cost Scott's Some Money!

You've no doubt noticed that this site has Google ads on it. Theoretically what happens is that if someone finds an ad interesting, they click on it and I make a few pennies. Trust me, no one clicks on them.  But today I was horrified, but not surprised, to find that Scott's lawn chemical company was one of the advertisers. They way that the ads are chosen is that a computer selects them somewhat randomly but based on keywords that they find on my site. I have no control over who advertises--though I can block them (and I will if they continue to advertise). The problem with Scott's advertising here is that they make lawn CHEMICALS that are intended to KILL the very things that my previous posting was written to help save!!!  The computer that reads the blog for keywords, simply saw the word "lawn" a few times and thought, "Wow, a great place for a lawn chemical company to advertise." But they didn't read the context that I was against lawns and pro flowers. So, if you want to get a little revolutionary, if you see a Scott's ad--CLICK on it--and that will cost them some money. And the less money they have, the fewer lawns they can poison. It's just a thought. I'm not TELLING you to do it :) I'm only saying that if you did, you're costing them some money. It's totally up to you! :)

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