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Saturday, May 8, 2010

Put on Your Travelin' Shoes

If you'd like to know more about the lighthouse in this post (and the previous one), then visit Jeff Wignall's Travel Guide: Great Places to Photograph. I started that blog years ago, then like most bloggers, I spread myself too thin with too many blogs abandoned it. But with summer here, it's time to put on your travelin' shoes, so that blog is back--we'll see how much energy I can muster to keep it going. Check it out once in a while though, because traveling to new places is one of the reasons we're on this earth--yes? By the way, you'll notice that this shot is different but almost identical to the one in the previous post (different people on the beach, for one). What does that tell you I was using in the way of a photo accessory? Oh, those of you who yelled out TRIPOD! step to the front of the line! Another reason for using a tripod: You can set up a scene and then wait for things to change (for people or animals to walk into a scene, for instance) without losing your composition. You can buy a nice tripod for less than you think--check out this nice lightweight unit from Manfrotto: Manfrotto 7302YB M-Y Tripod with Ball - Replaces 725B.

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