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Monday, August 2, 2010

New Digital Photo Contest Blog!

I know what all of your friends have been telling you over the years: your photos are good enough to win a contest. Well, your friends are probably right! But there's only one way to find out--start entering your pictures in contests...and that's exactly what my book Winning Digital Photo Contests is all about. The book has gotten a really great response and lately I've been getting a lot of info about new photo contests and so I decided that contests were such a fun topic they deserved their own blog. So I created one! I'm going to use that space to talk about what it takes to win contests, where to find great contests and to share your winning pictures with the world. So check it out! And do me a favor while you're there, click on the "follow" button (do it for this blog too if you haven't already)--it's a good way for me to know how many people are reading the blogs and you'll also see the latest postings listed on your own Dashboard.

By the way, how good are the prizes you can win in a photo contest? One of the photographers that I wrote about in the book won a photo safari to Tanzania--and another had the front cover of Popular Photography!

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