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Thursday, September 30, 2010

Nikkor Fast Tele Lens Update: 200mm f/2 Lens

OK, in a perfect world where I'm wildly wealthy and price is no object when it comes to buying the toys I want, add this to the list: Nikon has announced an update of their Nikkor 200mm f/2 lens. The announcement was made at Photokina, the every-other-year trade show held in Cologne, Germany.

I've always been a big fan of prime lenses and this NIKKOR 200mm F2G ED VRII lens is very fast indeed. Fast lenses are somewhat less of a necessity (I think) these days with ISO speeds in the 6400+ range being common, but having such a fast lens still makes it much simpler to see in dark situations (concerts, indoor sports, wildlife at twilight) and that's a big deal to me. Remember, you're always viewing through the lens' maximum aperture.

The biggest news about the update of this lens is the addition of  Nikon's VRII stabilization technology. Nikon claims it provides up to four stops of correction and if that's true, zowie. Yes, I still think you should use a tripod, but a lot of times (concerts, for example) that's not possible. And according to the CNET report I read: "The VRII has a Tripod Detection Mode for the tiny vibrations on a tripod, allowing the VR to stay turned on even when on a tripod...It has Internal Focusing(IF), so the barrel of the lens does not change in length as it is focusing."

Price? (You had to ask?):  Suggested retail is $5995. "Dear Santa..."

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