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Monday, January 3, 2011

Read about Alaskan Photographer Ron Niebrugge

Alaska is probably at the top of most photographers' list of fantasy places to shoot. And why not? In a state that is defined by its mountains, glaciers, wildlife and frontier wilderness--what's not to like? Knowing where to start planning a trip with all of those possibilities is the only real problem. One photographer that probably knows the great places as well as anyone alive is Alaskan-native Ron Niebrugge. Ron grew up in Alaska and today is one of its best-known and most prolific photographers and I had a chance to profile him for the current edition (print and online) of Outdoor Photographer magazine. And in the article, called Insider's Passage, Ron talks about some of his favorite scenic and wild locales and actually draws out a two-week driving loop that includes them all.

You can read the entire article online or just go buy the February issue and do your daydreaming and trip planning in front of the fire (oh, wait, I guess you can do that with a laptop, too!). Ron's work is wonderful and if the article makes you want to see more, check out his Wild Nature Images website. But don't blame me if looking at his photos gets you so excited about visiting Alaska that  you lose sleep for a few nights. Of course, he does give photo tours and teaches workshops in Alaska and in the Southwest (in winter), so there's that to consider, too! (Photo copyright Ron Niebrugge)

1 comment:

Victoria said...

Gee thanks Jeff, I made the mistake of reading this post before bedtime and now I'm going to be awake half the night! ;-)

I've read the article (GREAT)already and visited his web site... bookmarked it and will keep it in mind for future touring! (already have two big trips planned for 2011 so cannot plan any more this year)

Am sorely tempted by the desert tour but have other commitments that would mean I'd have to fly out to CA on Fri and return on Mon and that's just too short a trip for a 3 hour time difference!