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Thursday, April 7, 2011

April Showers Bring Crabapple Flowers

I have no idea where this crabapple tree in my yard came from; I gather a bird left me a seed and, miraculously, it grew. In fact, it's now the prettiest tree in my yard and is probably about 12' or so tall. I don't know how tall it's going to get, but I'm hoping not too much bigger. (But isn't it fascinating that a single seed dropped by a bird can create a beautiful tree?) It produces zillions of crabapples each year (if you want some, let me know in September!) and though I've seen recipes online for using them in jellies, jams, etc., I've never tried to cook with them. Supposedly they make a nice jelly. But produce aside, it's an extremely pretty and cheerful tree to have in springtime and I'm so glad that I never cut it down. I shot this photo last year, on April 23, so in the next few weeks it should begin to flower again and I can't wait. I just find the white and pink and green color combination extremely cheerful. Isn't it amazing the nice photos you can shoot in your own yard?

Years ago I knew a botany teacher that used to have each student throw a Hula Hoop into a meadow and then the student had to identify every plant and insect within the hoop's circumference. Not surprisingly, sometimes that was a list of a few hundred plants and insects! It might be a good creative photo challenge to do the same thing with your camera and macro lens: toss the hoop and then photograph every thing of interest where it landed. Speaking of which, this past winter I sold my 105mm Micro Nikkor and now regret it deeply. I'll have to rebuy it one of these days...but it may be a while. In the meantime, I'm just thrilled that my garden has flowers once again...and that the ice is finally gone.

Photo notes: Shot with a Nikon D90 with an 18-70mm Nikkor zoom lens; exposed at 1/320 second at f/9, at ISO 200. This is one of the last JPEG images I shot--I now shoot only in RAW.


Victoria said...

I would sooner give up eating chocolate (and I LOVE chocolate) than give up my 105mm Nikkor macro lens!

BUT, I've discovered that Kenko extension tubes + my 18-200mm lens work well to give some nice macros. (for travel, I don't want to carry the macro lens because it's too heavy to lug around all day) And a set of Kenko tubes doesn't cost all that much!

Enjoyed the picture and the reminder of my mother making crabapple jelly every year. It was delicious! The other jelly she used to make was chokecherry (also delicious)... but I've never made either of them myself.

Jeff Wignall said...

I have those Kenko tubes, too, they're great. But they were much nicer when used with the 105mm!!! I'll rebuy someday, but right now I'm battling a furnace company, trying to get them to honor my warranty. Why does every single thing turn into a battle?!