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Monday, July 30, 2012

My New Book: Digital Photography FAQs

My latest book Digital Photography FAQs: 365 of Your Digital Photography Questions Answered has been released and it's now shipping from Amazon and is available at your local bookstore. The book is aimed at a pretty broad audience and has a lot of information for those just starting out in photography but also goes into some pretty advanced questions like how to use remote triggers to photograph lightning and wildlife and how to use wireless flash. There are also a lot of creative concepts discussed, like what is the best time to shoot night city skylines (hint: it's not in the dark of night), how to photograph flying insects and how to enhance the colors of a rainbow. The answers are pretty short and you can pick up the book and just flip it open to a question that interests you. While the questions are grouped roughly by topic, they are offered in no particular order. It is, as I told the publisher when suggesting the book, a great bathroom read! A good book for your kids to take to college with them!

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