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Thursday, January 15, 2009

Take Names & Numbers

One thing that I'm terribly remiss about doing when it comes to photographing people that I don't know is getting their names and addresses so that I can send them prints later. It's not that I photograph strangers a lot, but occasionally I stumble onto a shot and it turns out nice and then I realize I can't share it with the subjects.

The photo here is a great example. I saw these kids (all members of the same family, I think) posing for a photograph on the statue of Alice in Central Park. It looked like a great photo opportunity for me, too, so I popped off a few frames. But before I could search in my bag and find a pen and a business card, the family had disappeared. I'm sure they got their own shot, of course, but I think this angle from the side makes a nice shot and I know the parents would have liked it.

So next time you're out in a park shooting and you happen to grab a good-looking shot of strangers, just politely (and quickly!) offer to send them a copy of the print. It's a nice gesture and you might even make a few bucks selling them extra prints. And by the way, if you know this family--tell them there's a free print waiting for them!


Lynne said...

Observe the orange flag in the lower left corner. This was taken during Cristo's "Gates" installation! (I know I'm right...)

Jeff Wignall said...

Oh, I meant to tell you that! Yes, I saw that too old eagle eye. Who is the cute kid in that thumbnail?