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Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Read All 100 Postings!

Wow, time flies. This is my 100th posting since I started this blog in October of 2008. I really just started it as an experiment to see if anyone would read it and also to see if I could continue to come up with new ideas every day. I can happily say that quite a few people now follow the blog and I haven't had to repeat a single topic!

More importantly for me, if you were to go back and read all 100 postings I think you'd have the equivalent of a fair-sized how-to book. Considering that each posting averages (I'm just guessing) about 300 words long, that's 30,000+ words of free photo advice. And there's lots more to come. I just bought a new Nikon D90 and a fisheye lens, for instance, and I can't wait to start writing about them.

If you have any topics you'd like me to cover, just write or post a comment and I'll be happy to try to cover them. Speaking of which, I owe one follower a posting on group photos and I'll try to get to that this week!

Thanks for reading the blog and please tell your friends about it. One hundred down and a few thousand more to go!


Toma┼ż said...

I stumbled upon your blog two months ago and I've been reading it ever since. It truly is one of my favourite sites covering digital photography. And the fact that you bought the same camera as me (mind, this is my first SLR camera) makes me even more eager to read future posts.

And of course... congrats on your 100th posting!

Jeff Wignall said...

Hi Tomaz,

Thanks for your very kind words and I'm glad you're enjoying the blog. I seem to be a day or two behind these days (I'm writing another book), but I will catch up soon...hopefully!

I am going to start using the D90 this weekend and can't wait. I think I mentioned I also bought a Nikkor 10.5mm full-frame fisheye lens and I'm really anxious to use that. Today I just bought the new Magic Lantern Guide to the D90 and I've been reading it all day (when I should be working on my book!).

Thanks again.


Shaina Herrmann said...

Thank you for taking time to write about group photos for me! And thank you for this wonderful blog. I enjoy reading it and feel that it is stuff I can understand, even as a beginner. I've stumbled upon a few other photo tip sites and I do not understand a word of what they say.

I look forward to hearing more about the D90! I picked one up the other day while I was in Best Buy and the difference between it and my D40 is almost daunting...haha. It'll be a little while before I end up buying a D90.

As for a How-To book, I think that is a great idea and you definitely have more than enough material.