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Monday, December 14, 2009

Please Follow this Blog!

Just a quick interim tip to remind you that you can follow this blog via your Google account. All this really means is that you will see updates from the blog on your Google Dashboard page (to remind you that I'm still out here typing away!). This blog is, and will always be, totally free. I make some small amount (tiny) from clicks on the ads on the blog and if you order something from Amazon and start by clicking one of my Amazon ads (the ads are just a gateway to Amazon, you can order anything in any department--you *don't* even have to be interested in the product that's in the ad), but other than that, I write the tips for the fun of it and because it helps keep me focused. I'm my own therapist (hey, who knows me better?). Anyway, I have a lot of new readers lately and so about once every few months I just ask that readers put me on their follow list. It helps me to know how many people are reading this or if I'm just writing to myself. And don't forget you can always email me or leave a comment requesting certain topics--shooting or Photoshop/editing.

About the photo: I shot this photo of the Statue of Liberty this past summer with a Nikon D90 DSLR and an 24-120mm Nikkor lens (I've grown a bit unhappy with that lens, by the way, it's not as sharp as I'd like and very heavy). As brilliant and blue as the sky is in this shot, the day ended up with an wild thunder storm--it was great. Exposure, in aperture-priority mode, was 1/1000 at f/8.

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