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Friday, October 15, 2010

Blackstar Rising Featuring "NEW Joy" Excerpts

I'm really happy to tell you two things about my newest book The NEW Joy of Digital Photography (A Lark Photography Book):  First, it's being released in just a few days (in fact, Barnes & Noble may already have it in stock online) and I'm pretty psyched. I worked hard (along with the staff of Lark Books) completely revising and updating this bestselling book and I'm so happy to see it hitting the bookstores. The original sold more than 80,000 copies and reached an amazing #41 among all books on Amazon--it actually passed both Bob Dylan's and Bill Clinton's autobiographies on the bestseller lists (all three were released approximately the same time)!

But secondly, the book is being excerpted all this week on the great Blackstar Rising blog. Blackstar Rising is the blog of the legendary photojournalism agency Black Star and it's an honor and a lot of fun to have my book featured on their blog--so I hope you'll visit their blog and become a regular reader. Blackstar is excerpting the chapter on people photography, so it should appeal to a lot of readers.

The photo above was shot by my good friend Michelle Frick and it's one of my favorite photos in the book (the book, by the way, contains around 400-500 photos, I think, and while most of them are mine, there are a lot of terrific photos by talented photographers like Michelle). I really think that Michelle's photo transcends being just a great baby photo and enters the realm of fine art. I find it a very beautiful and comforting photo--and (hint, hint), I'm hoping to hang it on a wall in my home someday. Incidentally, Michelle is a former student of mine from BetterPhoto.com and in the few years I've known her she's grown from a really ambitious student into one of the best people/portrait photographers in the state of Texas.

I hope you enJOY the new book! (Can you tell I'm excited to see it released?)

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