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Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Infinity Valley

Just having fun in Photoshop recently: took a shot of Monument Valley in Utah (on the Arizona border) and repeated it shrinking the size each time. The first thing I did was select an area of the scene, copy it, then I used the Edit>Tranform>Scale command to shrink it. After that I just used the Edit>Transform>Again command and shrank it a bit more. Very easy and fun to play with. But click the photo to see it full size and the effect is more fun. I'll explain the technique in more detail if anyone is interested.


Allan said...

Would love to hear more on that technique and others.

Jeff Wignall said...

Hi Allan,

OK, in the next few days I'll write a more detailed description of how I created the image. I might just take another photo and start over and show some of the steps along the way. The primary thing that I'm doing is "selecting" an area of the photo, the pasting (Edit>paste) into the original image, then adjusting the scale of that image and then repeating all of that (shrinking the image a bit more with each successive paste) several more times. But I will write a step-by-step when I have a few mins.