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Thursday, April 16, 2009

View the Coolest Panoramas Ever

OK, you probably noticed that I've been away for a week again--catching up on a lot of my "real" life that I abandoned while writing the new book. You'd be surprised how many dirty dishes and laundry baskets pile up while you're writing a book. The official name of the new book is "Winning Digital Photo Contests" and as I said earlier, it should be released in early October by Lark Books. This is the most in-depth look ever at photo contests and what it takes to win one (or many) and it is entirely illustrated (over 150 photos) by amateur photographers--photos that we chose from contests all over the world. I'll tell you more about this book later this week.

In the meantime, while just relaxing at the computer, I've been looking at other sites and blogs. One really interesting and fun site that I found is called www.popgive.com and it's got some of the coolest photography that I've ever seen. One particularly entry that just blew me away was a set of photographic panoramas that you simply won't believe. You'll need Quicktime to view them (everyone has that, don't they?) but they load very quickly and you can control the speed/direction/up/down, etc. Wow, will these panos blow you away.

I didn't want to rip off someone's photo to use here, so the shot here is just a pretty shot that I took in central France (it feels weird to post something on a blog without any photo). Oh, by the way, I started shooting with the Nikon D90 and will post some of my first photos this week, too. So far I love this new camera--the large LCD and very easy-to-follow menus are great.


A Dilettante's Perspective said...

Those panoramas were really amazing. I am, however, thoroughly freaked out by the "mouse, mouse", and therefore will probably not visit that sight again. But thanks for sharing!

Jeff Wignall said...

I agree! I didn't like the mouse-mouse either, but the rest of the photography was so great that I just flipped past that part. Poor mouse!

Tomaž said...

Check out this project by a fellow countryman of mine, Boštjan Burger.


He started the project back in 1996 and has created over 8.050 Virtual Reality Panoramas to this day.

Translated version: