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Saturday, April 4, 2009

Let a Window Frame the View

I'm back! Well, at long last, I've finished my latest book. The book, which should be in stores in September is called "Winning Digital Photo Contests" and is being published by Lark Books. I've been working on the book for several months and, typically, I get manic about working on books and I've been writing 18 hours a day--which explains why this blog has been ignored pretty much for a few weeks. I will go back and fill in the blank dates though, since I want the blog to have an entry for every day of the year. And now that the book is done, I have free time to go out and play with my new D90 and a few lenses that I recently bought. And I can't wait!

OK, back to photography. I love to travel and I love getting a room with a view and when I do I always try to take at least one shot from the hotel/motel room just so that I can remember what the view looked like. I shot the photo here from a tiny motel on top of a hill overlooking Moosehead Lake in Greenville, Maine. Whatever the room lacked in luxury, it sure made up for with this picture-window view. All that I did to take this shot was use the window itself as the frame-within-a-frame and then expose for the scene. The inside of the window frame went black (I didn't even have to darken it in editing) and the colors were nicely saturated. Not a contest-winning photo, to be sure, but a nice memory of waking up to this incredible view each day!

More on my book and some new photos in the days ahead!

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