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Sunday, April 4, 2010

Happy Easter, Bunny!

Photographed with a 70-300mm Nikkor (at 300mm, or 450mm equivalent on my D90)  in my back yard, as ISO 1200 (cloudy day and shooting handheld). She's a one-bunny dandelion eradication team--she can eat about one every two or three seconds.


Frank said...

If you think that bunny is an eating machine, be glad you don't have to feed this one:



Kateri said...

How cute! I miss the wild (but very tame) bunny we left behind in our backyard when we moved last summer. This bunny reminds me of him. He loved dandelions.

Jeff Wignall said...

Wow, Frank, that's some big bunny. I would love to own one of those but it would scare my kitties!

Thanks Kateri--this bunny is wild but is so tame she sits next to me when I weed the garden. And she's very polite, rarely goes into the veggies. In spring I have to make sure there are no baby bunnies in the grass before I mow...I leave them one corner of the yard unmowed so they can hide.