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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

More Fun with the Lensbaby, Baby

Here's another shot with the Lensbaby Composer (see the previous post for more on Lensbaby). I'm having quite a bit of fun with this lens and have written a full page about it for the revision of my book the Joy of Digital Photography. Maybe I'm being influenced by seeing Tim Cury's extraordinary new Alice in Wonderland film (go see it if you haven't--one of the best films I've seen in many years), but I think we all need to step away from reality now and then--if only visually. If you want to check the pricing out for Lensbaby, try clicking the B&H ad in the margin or just go to Amazon:  Lensbaby The Composer for Nikon F mount Digital SLR Cameras (Nikon) or Lensbaby The Composer for Canon EF mount Digital SLR Cameras (Canon).

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