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Monday, April 5, 2010

Make Your Subject Pop with a Vibrant Color

Brilliant colors are great at drawing attention to your main subject. The day I photographed this little girl on Liberty Island (looking toward the New York skyline) a few dozen people stopped to peer through the viewer and while the shots were kind of interesting, nothing was really jazzing me very much. Then out of the blue this little girl in the neon pink dress stepped up and I couldn't shoot fast enough--the color made a great contrast to the muddy waters of the Hudson River behind her. It was the same shot I'd been looking at for quite a few minutes with other people, but it was her dress that made the shot. Any time you can include a vibrantly colored main subject you'll get people's attention. The human brain is naturally drawn to and curious about bright colors and it's hard for anyone looking at a shot like this to not pause and look further.

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